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Oral presentation

The length of an oral presentation is variable15 min plus a discussion time of 5 min.

Speakers should deliver their presentation slides via email to the conference secretariat prior to the conference, until 7 March 2018 at the latest. As back-up, speakers should also save their slides on a USB stick, that they bring with them on the day of their presentation.

Projection from a PC is available in all lecture halls. All PCs are equipped with Windows 8, Office 2010, Adobe Reader and Windows Media Player.

Presentations will be accepted only as MS Powerpoint or PDF presentations. Correct presentations in other formats cannot be guaranteed. Please make use of standard fonts only. We recommend Apple users to test their presentation on a Windows computer. The usage of a personal laptop computer in order to ensure correct display of complex presentations such as movies etc., will NOT be accepted.


Poster presentation

Poster format

Please prepare your poster in DIN A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm), upright format (Portrait!!!) as the poster boards will not accommodate "landscape" formats. Please note that the organisers are not able to provide a printout of posters. In case you wish to additionally distribute DIN A4 copies of your poster, please bring them along.

Poster presentation

During the guided poster sessions, the presenter should shortly introduce the poster / outline the main message in not more than 2 minutes, subsequent there will be time for a short discussion. The printed posters (A0 portrait) should be brought to the conference and can be submitted at registration.

There is no poster printing capacity at the symposium, but Berlin has a number of copy shops which supply this service.