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Tuesday 15th March

Keynote / Parallel Sessions​
- author (speaker) / title -
Claas Nendel, Frank Ewert
0​9:15 Plenary Keynote Session I:
J. Jones / Toward a next generation of crop models
Chair: Peter Thorburn
​Plenary Keynote Session IV:
S. Savary / Models for crop diseases: an overview of approaches and scales to design a research agenda​
Chair: Peter Thorburn
​10:15 Break
​Session ISession III ​Session IV
Chair: Senthold Asseng​ Chair: Claas Nendel​ Chair: Katrien Descheemaeker​
10:45Wang / Inter-comparison of wheat models to identify knowledge gaps and improve process modeling​​Elliott / Past and future weather-induced risk in crop production​Fronzek / Classifying simulated wheat yield responses to changes in temperature and precipitation across a European transect
11:10​Webber / Canopy temperature for simulation of heat stress in irrigated wheat in a semi-arid environment: a multi-model comparison​Gobin / Meteorological risks and crop yield modelling​De Vries / A promising tool to model heterogeneity in crop systems: functional-structural plant modelling
​11:30​Maiorano / Model improvements reduce the uncertainty of wheat crop model ensembles under heat stress​Ruane / The AgMIP Coordinated Climate Crop Modeling Project (C3MP) – uncertainty in climate response across 1100+ crop modeling sets​Korhonen / Intercomparison of timothy models in northern countries
11:50​​​​​​​​Li / Improving rice models for more reliable prediction of responses of rice yield to CO2 and temperature elevation​Vanwindekens / Assessing agroecosystems’ vulnerability and risk regarding extreme weather events​Caubel / A generic coupled crop-disease model to analyze climate change effects on leaf rust of wheat
12:10​​Boote / Modeling sensitivity of grain yield to elevated temperature in the DSSAT crop models for peanut, soybean, bean, chickpea, sorghum, and milletKarimi (Stöckle) / Climate change and dryland wheat systems in the US Pacific Northwest​Jennings / The abiotic and biotic impacts of climate change on potato agriculture
​12:30 Lunch​
​Chair: Senthold Asseng ​Chair: Heidi Webber ​Chair:Taru Palosuo
​14:00​Lizaso / Improving CSM-IXIM maize model in DSSAT to simulate impact of elevated temperatures​Wallach / A framework for evaluating uncertainty in crop model predictions​Brown / APSIM next generation, an improved environment for crop model development
14:20​Liu (​Zhu, Y.) / Testing and improving the responses of wheat models to heat stress at anthesis and grain filling​Berg / Handling uncertainties with multiensemble and multi-model simulations in the LandCaRe-DSS​Donatelli / Modelling agricultural management in multi-model simulation systems
14:40​​Naab / Modelling sorghum yield response to heat stress and irrigation: a comparison of three crop growth modelsTeixeira (Brown) / Uncertainty due to genotype and management in wide-area maize simulations​Porter / Framework to Advance Climate, Economic, and Impact Investigations with Information Technology (FACE-IT)
15:00​​de Wit / Simulating the impact of winter conditions on the survival and yield potential of winter wheatNicklin / Addressing uncertainty in model input and evaluation data​​Pugh / Widespread vulnerability of current crop production to climate change demonstrated using a data-driven approach
​15:20Coffee break
​Chair: Michael Dingkuhn ​Chair: Delphine Deryng ​Chair: Jørgen E. Olesen
​15:50​McMaster / Estimating winter wheat phenological parameters: implications for crop modeling​Fischer (Sun) / Shift in China’s agro-climatic resource inventory under climate change​van Ittersum / Filling caveats in yield gap analysis
16:05​​Dingkuhn / SAMARA: a crop model for simulating rice phenotypic plasticityLiu (Asseng) / Comparison of methods and aggregation approaches to assess temperature impacts on global wheat production​Schulthess / Use of remote sensing data to determine stress factors for the SALUS model
16:20​​Ratjen / Field data based derivation of process decsriptions in crop growth models. Is there still room for improvement?​Sentelhas / Sugarcane yield gap in Brazil: magnitude, causes and strategies to its mitigation​Verburg / Model-based functional uncertainty analyses to inform required accuracy of PAWC estimation methods
16:35​​Barillot / A wheat model with detailed account of C and N metabolism​Balwinder (Singh) / Risk analysis and yield potential of dry-seeded rice in Bihar, India​Sharif / Comparison of wheat models and their sensitivity towards tillage and N fertilization with different calibration approaches
​16:50​Pao / Optimal photosynthetic nitrogen partitioning in cucumber leaves for maximizing canopy photosynthesis​Tian / Balance the trade-off between food security and GHG emission for paddy field in China based on the coupling of DNDC, DSSAT and AEZ models​Mielenz / Advances in representing the role of water content in modelling nitrous oxide emissions
17:05​​Zhu, J.  / Integrating xylem and phloem fluxes into whole-plant models for simulating fleshy fruits​Öztürk / Analyzing the effect of catch crops on nitrate leaching in a maize cropping system under climate change using a response-surface approach​Haas / Simulation of the the landscape scale nitrogen cycling and redistribution with the coupled hydrology biogeochemistry model CMFLandscapeDNDC
17:20​​Introduction to Poster Session​Introduction to Poster Session​Introduction to Poster Session
​17:30​Poster Session
18:30​ End of the Day

Wednesday 16th March

​Keynote / Parallel Sessions​
- author (speaker) / title - ​ ​
0​9:00 ​Plenary Keynote Session II:
G. Hammer / Integrating crop physiology and modelling with genetic improvement
Chair: Kenneth Boote
09:30​ ​Plenary Keynote Session III:
A. Challinor / What does the Paris agreement mean for crop-climate modelling? ​ ​
Chair: Kenneth Boote
​10:00 Break​
Session ISession IISession III
​Chair:Yan Zhu Chair: Pierre Martre​ Chair: K. Christian Kersebaum​
​10:30​Delusca / Do maize crop models catch the impact of future CO2 on maize yield and water use​Messina / Towards workable solutions for phenotypic prediction within complex GxExM systems: integrating crop growth models (CGM)with whole genome prediction (WGP)​Webber (Gaiser) / Uncertainty in future European irrigation water demand
​10:55​Vanuytrecht / Crop responses to atmospheric CO2 concentrations: diversity, parameterization and validation in crop models​Lacube / Introducing the genetic variability in crop models by combining phenotyping with modelling​Jägermeyr / Integrated crop water management might sustainably halve the global food gap
​11:15​Emberson / The development of crop modeling methods to assess the combined threat of ozone and climate extremes on crops in South Asia​Singels / Sugarcane genetic trait parameter estimation​Zhao (Hoffmann) / Vulnerability of grain maize yield under meteorological droughts: a comparasion of commercial and subsistence farms in South Africa
​11:35​Kassie / Simulating the impact of source-sink manipulations in wheat​Wu / Improving crop models by incorporating photosynthetic biochemistry to support crop yield improvement​Calanca / Simulating the effects of water stress on grassland dynamics – a challenge for current grassland models
​11:55​Timlin / Assessment and comparison of leaf area modeling approaches for maize​Dambreville / Modelling the genetic variability and genotype by environment interactions for leaf growth and senescence in wheat​Yin / Uncertainty in simulating N uptake and N use efficiency in the crop rotation systems across Europe
Lunch Presentation: A. Ruane / The AgMIP coordinated global and regional assessments of climate change impacts on agriculture and food
​13:45Poster Session​
​15:05 Coffee Break​
​Chair: Kenneth Boote ​Chair: Matthew Reynolds ​Chair: Andy Challinor
​15:35​Corbeels / The SoilC&N model: simulating short and long-term soil nitrogen supply to crops​Semenov (Stratonovitch) / Designing wheat ideotypes for a changing climate​Ruiz-Ramos / An ensemble of projections of wheat adaptation to climate change in Europe analyzed with impact response surfaces
​15:55​Nendel / Soil nitrogen mineralisation simulated by crop models across different environments and the consequences for model improvement​Tao / Using crop model ensembles to design future climate-resilient barley cultivars​Holzkämper / Climate impacts on grain maize in Switzerland – do the results from three different modelling approaches agree?
​16:15​Adam / Linking a phosphorus module to CSMCERES-Sorghum and evaluating it for West African conditions​Ramirez-Villegas / Towards a genotypic adaptation strategy for Indian groundnut cultivation using model ensembles​Reidsma / Assessing uncertainty in bio-economic farm models: the importance of simulated crop yields and price changes on farm plans and gross margins
​16:35​Carlson (Sommer) / Enhancing CropSyst for intercropping modeling​Chenu / From a global sensitivity analysis of a crop model to wheat improvement in the field​Descheemaeker / Effects of climate change and adaptation on crops and livestock in mixed farming systems in southern Africa
​16:55​Gaudio / Evaluation of the STICS soil-crop model for modelling arable intercrops​Radanielson / Modelling adaptive traits to screen for salinity tolerance in rice​Durand / Using earth observation and ancillary data sources as alterative to household surveys for regional integrated assessments
​17:15 Break​
​19:30 Conference Dinner​

Thursday 17th March

​Keynote / Parallel Sessions​
- author (speaker) / title - ​ ​
Plenary Keynote:
A. Dobermann / How do we become champions for transforming agri-food systems?​
Chair: Reimund Rötter
Plenary Keynote:
B. Keating / Modelling crops and cropping systems – evolving purpose, practice and prospects​
Chair: Reimund Rötter
​10:00 ​Break ​ ​
Session ISession IISession III
​Chair: Claudio Stöckle ​Chair: Graeme Hammer ​Chair: César Izaurralde
​10:30​Folberth / Impacts of parameterization and input data on simulated yields in global gridded crop model frameworks​Vadez / Integrated crop-systems research: a trait-based breeding pipeline​Fleisher / Assessing regional food security in the U.S. using crop models
​10:55​Hoffmann / Analysing data aggregation effects on large-scale yield simulations​Yin / Bringing genetics and biochemistry to crop modelling, and vice versa​Leclère / Towards systematic evaluation of crop model outputs for global land-use models
​11:15​Kuhnert / Impacts of soil and weather data aggregation in spatial modelling of net primary production of croplands​Chapman / Integration of crop models into breeding programs​Müller / Global gridded crop model evaluation: benchmarking, skills, deficiencies and implications
​11:35 ​Break ​ ​
​11:40 ​Plenary Keynote:
M. Kropff / The role of crop modelling in agricultural research ​ ​
Chair: Frank Ewert
12:10 Final Plenary​
Chair: Frank Ewert + panel (Session Chairs)
12:45 End of the Symposium