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Welcome to the "Satellite Workshop" registration system (without Landscape 2018 conference).


Note: On this page you can not register for the Landscape 2018 conference! If you would like to register for the workshop as well as the conference please use the "Conference Registration & Abstract Submission" page.

Once the maximum number of registered participants is reached, new registrants will be put on a waiting list. These persons will be informed as soon as possible.


How do I register for a satellite workshop separately?

New user (create account)

  1. First I create a user account for this website ('My Account' > 'Create Account'). You are immediately logged in to this website.

Recurring user (log in)

  1. I log in to the website ('My Account' > 'Log In')

Register for the satellite workshop only

  1. I register for the satellite workshop by clicking the button 'New Satellite Workshop Registration' below.
  2. I am guided through the registration process and can select a satellite workshop during this process.

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How or where do I check and change my satellite workshop registration data?

Recurring user (log in required)

  1. I log in to the website ('My Account' > 'Log In').
  2. When I am logged in, I can check or change my satellite workshop registration data anytime on the 'My Satellite Workshop Registration' page ('My Account' > 'My Satellite Workshop Registration').
  3. On the 'My Satellite Workshop Registration' page I click on my last name and open the 'My Satellite Workshop Registration Details' page on which I can take a look at or change my satellite workshop registration data.

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