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Landscape 2018 – Frontiers of agricultural landscape research

12-16 March 2018, Berlin and Müncheberg, Germany


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Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Registration is now open!
  • Abstract submission is now open!
  • Deadline for abstract submission: 20 Sep 2017
  • Abstract acceptance: 15 Nov 2017
  • Online payment opens on: 15 Nov 2017
  • Early Bird registration ends on: 15 Dec 2017
  • Regular registration ends on: 31 Jan 2018


Rationale and Aims:

Agricultural landscapes are shaped by human activities and are subject to permanent change through the interplay of natural processes, land use and societal developments. Knowledge about the underlying processes of landscape dynamics at all relevant spatial and temporal scales is the prerequisite for sustainable landscape management.

The aim of the conference is to present recent advances in landscape research to enhance the development of sustainable agricultural land use and landscape strategies. The particular objective is to bring together key findings from relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches as well as from basic and application-oriented research.



The conference focuses on recent scientific work related to:

(1) The functioning of landscapes, with a focus on element cycles and microbiomes including approaches to scale up from individual processes to the landscape scale;

(2) Sustainable land use practices and appropriate governance systems, which secure the provision of food and fibre as well as other ecosystem services and biodiversity;

(3) Advances in science toward the development of an integrated landscape theory.


Conference Chairs: F. Ewert (ZALF), Mark Rounsevell (IMK-IFU, KIT, Garmisch, GER)

Conference Host: K. Helming (ZALF)


Plenary Keynote Speaker

  • Yiqi Luo (University of Oklahoma; USA)
  • Lael Parrott (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • Sandrine Petit (INRA, France)



Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller

Chair of ZALF Board
Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
Eberswalder Straße 84
15374 Müncheberg

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